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Arsenal 2 Spuds 1...Sheer Poetry !
Sunday, April 7, 2002 - 10:44 p.m.

Tottnumb came to Highbury:

The myth says that they pass.

MY ARSE they do ! They hoof and hope !

This Hoddle team's a farce.

And Hoddle's hiding in the stands,

His headset at the ready.

While Gormless Gorman's gibbering:

"D'you think we should drop Teddy"

"We've got to play the OAP"

Says Glenn,"Although he's weary,

I'm hoping he'll go to Japan

And commit Hari Kiri !"

And Yes !Spurs have have a cunning plan.

Involving a certain fellow:

"Let's kick Vieira repeatedly,

Perhaps he'll get a yellow."

Dennis passes, Ledley lumbers

Freddy's on the ball...

Keller claws, but huge applause,

1-0 to Arsenal!

Fast forward to the 2nd half,

That Uruguayan demon

Tries to keep the ball in play,

But just runs into Seaman.

Penalty, it can't be true.

The ref seems quite confused.

1-1 the score, 8 minutes left:

Arsene is not amused.

But sadly for the pungent hoardes

That come from white hart lane

The man who cost 8 million quid

Fells Thierry once again

Up steps Lauren cool and calm.

Waits til Keller guesses.

Trickles the ball into the net

To 30,000 YESSES!!!

But weeping scum; the 5 year plan,

Your sponsorship with Kappa

Combined with Hoddles non-stop twaddle

Is sure to make you crapper

And as sad Spuds sped home to bed,

The train announcer chap:

"This train is bound for white hart lane,

For God's sake MIND THE GAP !"


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Whoops, where did all the entries go?
Wednesday, April 3, 2002 - 10:26 p.m.

Those of you with eagle eyes will possibly noticed a couple of minor changes to Copenhagen Chronicle. Gone are tedious things like entries, replaced with refreshing big blank bits of screen. And there are a couple of new links on the left. Like one to the archives...

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